There’s a lot GLOW-ing on at the walking trails!

Enchanting glow-in-the-dark paths
Dazzling geometric animal light sculptures
Fascinating animals not found along the tram journey and many more!


All activities are on Fri, Sat and 24 – 25 Dec only, unless otherwise stated.

Trails Aglow

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17 (Daily)
7.15pm – 12.00mn
Walking Trails

Explore our walking trails in a different ‘light’. Uncover the message along the trails and win attractive prizes! Click here for more details.

Geometric Animal Lights

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17 (Daily)
7.15pm – 12.00mn
Walking Trails

Be dazzled by geometric animal light sculptures and learn fun facts about these night creatures.

Animal Enrichment Sessions

Catch our animals in action! See how they sharpen their primal instincts with special “toys” made by our keepers.

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
7.30pm, 8.00pm, 8.30pm & 9.00pm
Walking Trails

View Animal Enrichment Schedule

(Weather permitting and subject to changes without prior notice)

Glow Booth

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
7.15pm – 12.00mn
Zebra Café

Capture candid moments of your wild night out at the special black light photobooth!

Get Your Glow On

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
8.00pm – 10.00pm
Zebra Café

Be photo-ready with quirky face painting and all things fluorescent!

Twilight Booth

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
8.00pm – 9.30pm
Zebra Café

Get cool facts on how animals adapt to night life from our friendly docents!

Thumbuakar Show: Neon Edition

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
8.00pm, 9.00pm & 10.00pm
Entance Courtyard

Go wild at the electrifying energy-charged special light show by our Thumbuakar performers.

Animal Appearance

17 Nov – 31 Dec 17
Entance Courtyard

Meet and greet our animal superstars! Don’t forget to get their pictograph to remember your wild night out.


Uncover the Secret Message!

17 Nov – 31 Dec (Fri & Sat only)
Walking Trails

Find the message hidden along the walking trails to win attractive prizes!

Grand Prize (Worth over $400) x 1 per night

  • Exclusive elephant encounter for 2
  • A pair of Night Safari admission tickets
  • Unique Night Safari glow-in-the-dark merchandise

The leaf above the letter indicates that it is the first letter of a word.
There are 2 words to uncover in each walking trail except for the East Lodge trail.

Click here to read terms & conditions

How to participate?

Step 1:

Find the glow letters along the four walking trails

Step 2:

Drop by our counter to tell us the message

17 Nov – 31 Dec (Fri & Sat only)
9pm – 11pm
Tram Station 1

Step 3:

Get the answer right to participate in a sure-win lucky dip

*Members get an additional draw

Snap a Photo with Friends @ Cathay Cineleisure

22 Nov – 13 Dec
Cathay Cineleisure Entrance Glass Panel

Snap a photo with as many friends as possible to win Night Safari admission tickets for all (worth over $1,000)!

Click here to read terms & conditions

How to participate?

Step 1:

Snap a photo with as many friends as possible with the Twilight Encounters glass panel sticker at Cathay Cineleisure

Step 2:

Hashtag #TwilightEncounters and #NSWalkingTrails

Step 3:

Upload your photo to Instagram

Step 4:

Make sure your profile is a public account for us to view your entry


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Twilight Food Deals

Tantalize your taste buds with a sparkling spread of Christmas-themed platter and cocktails.

Jungle Rotisserie
Check on-site for other delicious Christmas offerings.

7 Insta-Worthy Photos You Can Take at
Night Safari

Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters promises a lineup of photo opportunities for the insta-hungry crowd, but as the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park is dark and flash photography is not permitted, how do we avoid taking a collection of black silhouette images?

We invited local Instagram community @instasg to give it their best shot to take the best shots.
Here are 7 insta-worthy photos and some tips from the pros on how you can achieve them at Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters.


Photo credit: @ry4n.visualz

Binturong – Animal Encounters

@ry4n.visualz captured the endearing binturong looking on curiously while perched on animal presentations staff Ravan’s head.

Photo credit: @khai.visuals

Owl – Animal Encounters

@khai.visuals expertly utilised the contrast between the light and shadows for a low key lighting effect, adding a dash of drama to a photo with the great horned owl.

The Night is dark and full of… cute critters!
Look forward to up close and personal photos with creatures of the night like the binturong and great horned owl.

Entrance Courtyard   17 Nov - 31 Dec (Fridays and Saturdays, 24 and 25 Dec)   7.00pm


Photo credit: @ivan_kaiwen

Thumbuakar Neon performance

Pro tip from @ivan_kaiwen: Light trails are one of the best long exposure shots to capture. When trying to shoot light trails, increase the camera's aperture while decreasing the shutter speed. Exposure settings for this shot: Shutter speed of 4 seconds; aperture at f3.5; ISO 100.

Ever tried taking a photo of yourself writing “I heart you” with sparklers? Take that to next level, with lights and actual fire. Our Thumbuakar performers will perform a neon-edition of their energy-charged fire show.

Entrance Courtyard   17 Nov - 31 Dec (Fridays and Saturdays, 24 and 25 Dec)   8.00pm, 9.00pm and 10,00pm


Photo credit: @lemjaylucas

Trails Aglow – Fishing Cat Trail

Pro tip from @lemjaylucas: To capture stunning night photos, mounting your camera on a tripod is essential to get a sharp image, especially when you're doing long exposures just like what I did with this shot. I also used my phone's flashlight to add light painting effect to this image. Settings of this photo are f/11, ISO 800, 30 secs.

Jealous of your friend’s latest art installation photo? We’ve got you covered. Look for the glowing foot paths at the start and end of the Fishing Cat Trail to snap that perfect artsy photo.


Photo credit:

Geometric animal light sculptures

Pro tip from Firstly, set a wide aperture to allow your photo to be exposed well in low light. In this case we used f/1.8. Next, adjust your ISO to compensate for light and digital noise. Lastly, set your shutter speed to be as slow as possible. The slower the speed, the better the light but the greater the motion blur, so choose the right speed based on your subject’s movement.

The geometric light animal sculptures at Night Safari’s entrance and scattered across the walking trails are ideal backdrops for a self-portrait. Bonus points if you stare pensively into space and pair it with a caption about self-reflection to maximise the feels.


Photo credit: @ongwill

Pelican – Fishing Cat Trail

Protip from @ongwill: I had to push my ISO to 10,000 to get enough light to take this shot. I took my time to compose the shot with the reflection, as the pelican practically ‘froze’ there.

@ongwill reminds us that reflections are not just good for mirror selfies in this stunning shot of a sleeping pelican. The pelicans can be found on the tail end of the Fishing Cat Trail in their water-based habitat. Take notes, play around with the environment and see if they can be incorporated to make a more compelling photo.


Photo credit: @_raftel_

Leopard – Leopard Trail

Protip from @_raftel_: This was taken on my iPhone7+. Hold the phone against the glass panel of the exhibit while in the camera app to reduce the reflection. Then tap and hold on a desired area of the photo to lock the Autofocus from ‘hunting’. Start snapping away when the animal comes out, some patience is needed depending on the animal’s activity.

This shot of Tom, our majestic male leopard, was taken with a smartphone. Goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a DSLR or fancy equipment, just some ingenuity and a little bit of patience. The leopard exhibit is situated in the Leopard Trail. There are two glass viewing areas so make sure you check the other if you don’t see the leopards at the first one.

A common thread among the 7 photos is that the cover of darkness can be an advantage instead of a hindrance. Photos taken at night have an air of mystery that can’t be achieved in the day. Join us at the dark side for your next photographic adventure at Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters.


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